La Seu d’Urgell


 La Seu d’Urgell is an important node of road communication, where it joins the Pyrenean connections (N-260) and the Segre (C-14) and the road to Andorra (N-145), currently the only access from Spain.The livestock breeding specialisation of L’Alt Urgell is focussed mainly on cattle, with over 500 centres, the majority of wich are devoted to milk production. It should be added that L’Alt Urgell is one of the top dairy produce producers in Catalonia.

At present, the activities connected to tourism, which are commerce, hotel and catering, transport and communication, are those employing the greattest number of workers in the third sector.There are four weekly markets in the country: in La Seu d’Urgell, Tuesdays ans Saturdays; in Oliana, Saturdays; and in Organyà, Sundays. Tourism is the really dominant sector in the country economy, both in terms of the big growth experience over recent years and the fact that the main comercial, investment and promotional work are based around this sector.
L’Alt Urgell possesses an extensive and rich cultural heritage, most clearly expressed by the Romanesque period. The churches in the country with Romanesque elements number over one hundred, with such representative examples as the cathedral of Santa Maria, in La Seu d’Urgell; Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles, in Anserall, and Sant Climent de Coll de Nargó, the three of them declared as monuments of historical and artistic interest.In L’Alt Urgell there are several companies and facilities for practising nature-related sports. The most outstanding sports installation in L’Alt Urgell is the Segre Olympic Park, where enthusiasts can practice canoeing, rafting and hydro-speed. Adventure sports also take prominence in Organyà, where one can hangglide from the Cogulló mountain, and in Bassella, where there is a specially fitted out circuit for driving 4x4vehicles.


Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park

is a protected area that covers an area of 41,060 hectares.The park lies in the Pre-Pyrenean range and is regarded as a mountain park because of its terrain, which ranges from 800 m to an altitude of 2.648 m.

Alt Pirineu Natural Park

69.850 ha que se extienden por 15 municipios de las comarcas del Pallars Sobirà y Alt Urgell y que lo convierten en el parque natural más extenso de Cataluña.

Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

The Park is located in the most north-westerly corner of Catalonia, between the districts of Alta Ribagorça, Pallars Sobirà, Pallars Jussà and Val d’Aran. It possesses all the most typical features of mountain terrain and stands as a magnificent synthesis of the whole of the central, most continental zone of the great Pyrenean range.


The Alt Urgell offers a wide range of activities and emotions to know as: 
- The Culture of the Romanesque Cathedral Santa Maria de Urgell.
- Museums or thematic areas of traditional origin, known as the Route of the Crafts, local markets ... where we reflected inside the Pyrenean culture.
- The thrill of adventure sports, rafting, canoeing ... within a natural, modern and safe as
 Segre Olympic Park.

- The riding, hiking hiking and mountain biking, golfing, cross-country skiing and many other activities will make a fun and nice stay with us.